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A Couple Entry Ideas for Weddings

A Couple Entry Ideas for Weddings

Wedding Couples are literally stepping out of the box these days and taking their entrance persona to a whole new stage with their wedding couple entry ideas. While some are thinking of chariots and cute buggies to make a fantastic wedding couple entry, others are using the magnificence of sparklers and flowers to grab some attention. All in all, they're using anything and everything to bring their wedding couple entry ideas perfect. 

We at knockout weddings have got you sorted. Here are some of the best wedding couple entry ideas handpicked by knockout wedding planners on the internet that are sure to blow your minds! Drive through them and choose your wedding couple entry ideas now! 

1. The sparkles and joy

Want your wedding couple entry ideas to be fabulous? Try sparklers or bright lights to it and see them do the magic in your wedding couple entry. You can take help from your friends or family by asking them to stand on both sides of the aisle holding the sparklers and lighting them up as the wedding couple enters. 

2. How about a Rickshaw tour?

Apart from photoshoot prop, rickshaws are also in trend to be used to have fancy wedding couple entry ideas. Trust us, it’s absolutely fabulous for wedding couple entry ideas. 

3. walk hand-in-hand 

At times all it takes to have a magical wedding couple entry idea on your wedding day is just you and your partner walking hand-in-hand, avoiding fancy intricate stuff. 

4. Entry on a boat 

Wedding Couple entry ideas make a wedding day more romantic on a boat and is getting trendy , it’s a lot of fun and memorable. 

5. Picked up in his arms 

What would be better than being carried to your wedding mandap in your groom’s arms? Wedding Couple entry ideas cannot get more romantic than this. 

6. Sweet talk with a walk

Keep your wedding couple entry ideas as real as you can. Try some light conversation with your partner as you walk through and be in the moment. 

7. Dance your way to the mandap 

One of the best wedding couple entry ideas is dancing down the aisle of a wedding. You two would look so cute and we just can't stop crushing over this idea with joy ,try this crazy wedding couple entry idea now. 

8.The bridesmaids & groomsmen holding balloons 

Balloons make up a great prop and can be infused very well in your wedding couple entry ideas. All you would need to do is ask your guests to hold the balloons while you make your grand entrance. Balloons can also be used in many ways at weddings because they're versatile and can level up the whole vibe instantly. 

9. Walk under a stunning phoolon ki chaadar

Who says phoolon ki chapters are only used for bridal entries? We've seen a lot of wedding couple entry ideas incorporating this all-time favorite prop into their wedding couple entry ideas and getting a whole moment out of it. 

Contact Knockout wedding to get more Wedding couple entry ideas.