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Theme Decor

Theme Decoration Services In Delhi NCR

Theme Decor

Looking for a complete theme decor and concepts provide for your event? Knockout Wedding Planner and Entertainers is the answer. Our exclusive audio visual provider delivers audio visual and sensory experiences that engage customers, bringing ideas to life, using a combination of hardware equipment including LED-technology, Moving-Heads and further lighting technology, presenting the perfect customised event solution for your corporate entertainment. A professional AV supplier, offering the very best in bespoke audio visual production hire, including display technologies.

Ensure your corporate event stands apart with our audio visual provider! Our dedicated team offer a full service technical solution for your special occasion, presenting the perfect combination of high quality equipment and unique concepts for an award ceremony, product presentation, conference, brand reveal, corporate event or exclusive launch, designed to wow your crowd! We specialise in planned events and will work alongside the client from the initial design concept, supporting your ideas to the realisation of your project. We can check the location and advise on set up and aesthetic, complying with any specific rules and regulations of the venue. Not only providing you with the professional event technology but also accompanying you at your event from the initial plans to the post-production stage.

Allow your corporate entertainment to stand out with modern and first-class technology solutions. We offer sound, light, conference, AV technology and backline in large numbers. Furthermore, we offer the know-how as well as the resources to fulfil the clients wishes in every area of their tailored event. Our goal being to work closely to the client briefing, combining universal effects and quality sound to bring your vision to life!

Our professional audio visual production hire team combine the latest display technologies with inventive visual effects, stretching technological boundaries in order to meet your specific requirements. Our dedicated team overlay the technology with creative flair that stimulates the senses, delivering a premium service in professional event technology for your special occasion. A hands-on AV supplier, we give your unique design a fitting formula and functionality, combining latest display technologies with inventive visual effects, for guests to immerse themselves in.

Rent spotlights, LED-technology, Moving-Heads and further lighting technology for your event in Berlin, Brandenburg or nationwide. Additionally, we deliver sound technology including classical audio technology, column speakers, line or Multi-Cellular-Array for your booth or personalised event. Call us now to book your event!