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Bride And Groom Entry Concept

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Bride And Groom Entry

Bride And Groom Entry Concept In Delhi NCR

Bride And Groom Entry Concept

The Bride entry is the most watched event at a wedding. The whole crowd stops and pauses to view the bride’s journey to her groom. But times have changed and so have our tastes. We bring you new and interesting bride entry concepts that will surely take the groom as well as your guests by surprise. Looking for a bride and groom entry concept has never been easier!

Add a Touch of Cuteness with small children

Just like in Christian weddings, wouldn’t it be fun to have your little niece or nephew stand in front of you portraying a message of love and happiness. Your little niece or nephew leading the way carrying a pretty little placard that reads, ‘Here Comes the Bride’. Now that’s how you add bundles of cuteness to your bridal entry. It will leave the crowd in awe for sure.

Come in on a luxurious bike

Have your brother ride a luxurious bike and you can sit behind him as you vroom in to the Mandap on the bike. The crowds will be absolutely amazed at what’s happening, It will show your classy side as well. Make sure that you handle the Lehenga well!

Make your Entry on a Horseback Cartwheel!

Add a touch of Filmy romance to your entry just like the Princess diaries! Make your entry just like the queen on a cartwheel attached to a beautiful horse. Ask little kids to hop on to make it look even prettier!

Make your entry dancing on your favourite song!

This is definitely not for the shy and coy bride . If you love dancing and showing off your skills, this is a great way to make your entry to the Mandap. Make sure you practise well before your performance and add a touch of zeal to the attraction.