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Floral Decor

Floral Decorators For Wedding

Floral Decor

Our talented Wedding Florists offer bespoke flower decorations for weddings in Delhi and around NCR. Our floral designers have experience decorating vintage, garden, theme and traditional weddings, so whatever the theme, they always ensure their decorative flowers fit each occasion.

Our floral experts always take into consideration each bride and groom personality to create their floral designs. Whether creating a floral arch for a garden wedding, floral table decor or a bridal bouquet that reflects the bride’s personality and sense of style, these Wedding Florists always make sure their creations fit each wedding, season and budget.

When contacted two or three months before the big day, they can come up with fantastic wedding flower ideas that not only involves blooms and plants, but also other decorative elements such as candles, rustic wooden crates and even bicycles. On top of that, these floral specialists can also decorate walls, stairways and trees, and create a dreamlike atmosphere perfect for this romantic day.

Their beautiful flower designs always add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any type of wedding. Our Florists can work with flowers and plants of different sorts to create bespoke solutions for each couple. Driven by creativity and professionalism, our floral decorators are always up to date with the latest trends so they can offer advice based on what’s demanded. However, they will always create decorative flowers especially for each wedding, so whatever you have in mind, they will ensure it is transformed into reality. Our talented Wedding Florists can design Floral arches for garden weddings, Bespoke centrepieces for tables, Tailored bridal bouquets, Floral wreaths for brides, guests and children and Flower walls.

Brides and grooms who are looking for Wedding Florists who create beautiful flower designs especially for their special day can contact Knockout Wedding Planner and Entertainers. We have the confidence that our floral experts offer an exceptional service that never disappoints.