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Celebrity Show

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Celebrity Show

Celebrity Shows And Management Company In Delhi NCR

Celebrity Show

We are expert in managing the celebrity shows . Talking about weddings, we know that celebrities become center of attraction in wedding parties. We have an experience in this field as we have managed several celebrity shows during weddings with finesse. We cater to TV artists’ presence, sports celebrities, some Bollywood stars, local stars etc. It depends on the desires and the clients’ budget. You name it and we will arrange them for you. Since there is a huge demand for the presence of celebrities in the weddings, we request our clients for pre-bookings. That means we take at least 6 months of margin. A client should inform about this nearly 6 months before because celebrities get their bookings in advance.

There another thing is that we also advise clients on this occasion. That is, sometimes clients pick celebrity just to make their impression last longer. But they pick up the wrong ones! Imagine picking up a sports celebrity in a wedding? They will just not be able to provide the entertainment of the level a singer celebrity will provide. This is why we always give our opinion to our clients’ about what type of celebrity they should pick.

We make arrangements for them from top to bottom. Their pickup location, transport and security, each and everything is managed by us once we give a nod to the clients. However, celebrities have high charges. A client should always consider his/her budget before going for a celebrity presence in the events. Getting a right celebrity is very important.

This is why we ask our clients what they exactly want a celebrity to do. As far as wedding is concerned, we make sure that a celebrity matches few steps with the bride and groom and speaks few names of the family members. Their each and every move has to be managed and well-prepared in advance. We are fully capable to do it.