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Best Clothing Rental Services

Best Clothing Rental Services

The wedding season is here and the brands of different hues will lure us with their magnificent but expensive clothing and this season India is purchasing more than ever before. Nevertheless, with the help of a large number of startups, clothing has become an important component of the economy. In the West, numerous rental platforms for clothing and fashion namely, Rent the Runway, Girl Meets Dress, Chic By Choice make expensive clothing apparel not only more attainable but also affordable. 

Leasing your attire makes sense for occasions such as weddings. Not only that, it is an incredible way of accessing high-end designer clothing without spending an enormous amount of money upfront. 

So bookmark this site for 6 best clothing rental services.

1. Flyrobe 

So first in the list of 6 best clothing rental services is Flyrobe. Be it ethnic fashion, wedding attires, Western dresses or jewelry, Flyrobe has a variety of more than 5000 women's and men's clothings that will be the key to your clothing demands. They source their garments from famous designers including Ritu Kumar, Sabyasachi as well as Masaba and high end brands such as Mango, Armani and Forever New. The clothes are obtainable at 10-15 % of their retail cost. Flyrobe is one of the best clothing rental services and has 4 offline shops in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi respectively but also delivers in over 20 other cities of India. These fabulous clothes can be leased for a duration of 4 days and customers acquire assistance with sizing and alterations according to their fit. Renting clothes mandates

you to give a 20% security which is refundable when the outfit is returned. 

2. Liberent 

Next best clothing rental services we have is liberent which has Indian as well as western wear for women ready on rent for a spectrum of events. Ethnic wear is obtainable for approximately Rs. 750 to 6000 for a duration of 2-3 days. Liberent is currently providing its services to 10 Indian cities and need not require a safety deposit. Liberent's site also features a nuanced sizing feature which can help you custom fit your attire. 

3. The Clothing Rental 

Among many best clothing rental services, this Mumbai-based online store not only offers luxury clothing for men and women but also accessories on rent sourcing superior brands from all over the globe. Offline Stores are established in Bandra and Versova but shipping and delivery is accessible all over India but requires a safety deposit which is refundable. 

4. Wrap'd 

Another one of the best clothing rental services, with stores operating in Delhi, Hyderabad and Jaipur, Wrap'd provides women's and men's ethnic as well as western clothing for weddings and other momentous 

events. Leasing expenditures include 15-20% of the clothing price and they are attainable for a duration of 48 hours. A refundable safety deposit is required. 

5. Swishlist

Swishlist's online catalog allows you to browse and select your special clothing and lease it for 10-12% of the commercial price with a refundable security of 50% of the renting price. They also provide you the facility to get your attire delivered to your door. Their most convenient feature is that there is no limited duration once you are done wearing your attire, you can return it the next day. What makes Swishlist one of the best clothing rental services is that Swishlist's collections stars Indian and Western apparels from competent and popular designers from around the world. 

6. The Dress Bank 

Last but not the least, amongst one of the best rental clothing services is Dress Bank, a boutique operating from Bangalore. It offers men's and women's traditional clothing on lease to customers in the city. Several of the amazing ensembles are designed by the owner themselves while others apparel are sourced vastly from luxury brands of India. Customers that visit the store can select from extensive outfits, as well as intricate accessories to match the outfit, and have them altered according to their perfect fit.