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COVID Friendly Office Party Ideas

COVID Friendly Office Party Ideas

As we all know that holiday season is approaching, and also you must have organized an office part for your hard-working employees. In these recent times, it is important to keep all the attendees safe and secure at the party. Everyone has faced some of the other problems in the last year and so it is also important to make your employees have fun for this new year. The party will be different than before but still, it’s important to enjoy it. So here are some of the COVID-friendly office party ideas that will make this holiday season more fun and happier.


Deciding in-house or virtual office party

Whatever option you are choosing make sure that you are following all the COVID-19 protocols and guidelines given by the state government. As safety comes first always. Choose the venue depending on the number of attendees and also according to the guidelines passed. In case your team is very huge you can go with a virtual office party idea.


Food & beverage at the in-person office party

Hire a caterer for the party that knows all the safe handling guidelines so that you don’t have to worry about it. Don’t keep alcohol as you people forget about the COVID guidelines when they are drunk. And you also need to make sure they reach their home safely.


COVID friendly games

You can tell your team to create their favorite themed masks and the best one will get awarded. Organize secret Santa which will help the employees know each other and give them gifts and make them happy.


Virtual office party ideas

You can Host a virtual talent show where our employees can show their talent and then you can combine all and then showcase them to everyone virtually.  

You can also give your team compensation or a vacation trip so that they can relax and come back fresher which will also increase their productivity.

While arranging the party make sure you respect the culture and religion of every member so that no one gets hurt.