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Flower Decoration For The Wedding At Home

Flower Decoration For The Wedding At Home

Flowers are considered as most magical part of nature .Flowers are smallest thing warm the heart,  that's why floral decoration makes you wedding look divine and beautiful. Make you big day as a miracle.

Decide your festivities then plan your floral decoration accordingly .

Here are some tips to be kept in mind while planning for floral decoration for your wedding at home.



Indian wedding is not done in hours. As we all are aware of it. Look for the flowers who have capacity, to long last for more than two days at least. The freshness catches attention ,and look divinely.


Flowers speak more than words. Apart from the vibrant color and divine look roses smell pleasant. If possible use fragrant deo’s that are easily available nearby your area.  For aromatic flowers which last long you must look on Jasmine , rajnigandha ,and roses.


Cast the flower which are easily available in Your locality.  always considered the season of your wedding during flower selection. Non seasonal flowers are hard to find and do not last long.


To me, flowers are happy pieces. The freshness and grace of flower is one of the biggest factors for buying them. Search for fresh  plucked  flowers ,leaves, and steam.


Your  Floral decoration can significantly influence the mind and perception of your guest.Look for an elegant arrangement that allowed to maintain elegance at a reasonable cost.