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Low budget Office and Venue Party ideas

Low budget Office and  Venue Party ideas

When you are planning an office party, first you need to figure out is a budget. And if you don’t have more budget that does not mean that you cannot organize a party. You can also ask people for suggestions about what they would enjoy the most at the party and that help you narrow down options and be within the budget too. And here are some of the tips for a log budget office party ideas which will help you organize a fun party.

The highest cost is of the venues and the meals, so we will remove that from our list. And then we will try to incorporate low-budget themes, activities, decorations, and games.


Low budget venue ideas

  • Celebrate at boss’s house
  • Rent and low budget Airbnb for the evening
  • A budget-friendly banquet


Use Existing Resources:

There are many ways to cut down the cost when it comes to low-budget office party ideas. Form them the thing that can help you cut down the cost is by using the resources that you already have. Like you can also organize the event in your office or the foyer if you have space. You can decorate the small place that is in your budget and make it have a party vibe.


Low Budget Party Menus

  • The cheapest option would be to tell everyone to pitch in for a holiday potluck.
  • You can also have a cold-cut sandwich platter or pizza which is everyone’s favorite. Make sure you get the food depending on everyone’s health choices like gluten-free, lactose intolerant, vegetarian, etc. And order accordingly.
  • You can have a book a budget-friendly food truck catering. It’s always fun to have food from the food trucks.


Low budget office holiday party games and activities

  • Guess the candy
  • Holiday tradition show and tell
  • Holiday ‘award show’ party
  • Old school board game night


For inviting to the office party, you can use any of the free online invitation-plus-RSVP sites so that you can stay within your budget and also have an invited list organized.