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Marrige Hall Decoration Ideas - Knockoutweddings

Marrige Hall Decoration Ideas - Knockoutweddings

Flower Decoration in Marriage Halls 

The key feature that you notice when you arrive at a wedding hall or mandap is the decor, right? you move your eyes around and concoct an opinion about the wedding based on the decor. We all know that wedding decor is one of the most important things that make your wedding pictures look amazing. So, in this gram-era, where couples no longer want the done-and-dusted wedding stage decoration we have curated a list of 7 floral decorations in a marriage hall. 


1. Surreal Marriage Decoration that Looks Right Out of Fairytale


Floral ornaments are the go-to for several couples. Delicate flowers, mild scent, and the celestial look of it make every wedding nothing less than perfect floral decoration in a marriage hall. 


2. Pop of Bright Colors


When you can have a glamorous aesthetic with colors, then why resolve for the ordinary? A gorgeous explosion of color along with white and soft-colored flowers that cut the monotony makes for a modest yet gorgeous floral decoration in a marriage hall. 

Excellent for a minimalist couple .


3. Simple yet Classy Marriage Stage Decoration 

White is always fabulous, and always adds a class by looking absolutely heavenly . If you want to have your wedding decor along these lines, and if an all-white color theme captivates you, Then this floral decoration in a marriage hall is the one for you, 

The use of white florals in the background as well as at the foundation of the stage renders this decor absolutely stunning. 


4. Beautiful Night Sky Decor

Are you a fan of Van Gogh’s Starry Night? Or do you fantasize getting married under the night sky ?If yes, then why bother looking for any further wedding decoration for your wedding? Here is the best floral decoration in a marriage hall. 

A night sky-inspired stage decor, which is something that looks spectacular and is definitely for the unique couples. 


5. Curtains and The Flowers

You must have seen multiple weddings which are rampant with golden arcs, vivid curtains, glorious flowers, and massive sofas. This kind of traditional and go-to stage decor is ideal for couples who like adornments that are old-school but classic. If you do not wish to trust to chance your marriage ornamentation by testing on your ultimate day, then what’s the harm in going for something as timeless as this classic floral decoration in a marriage hall. We can bet your portraits will be timeless too. 


6. Candle-Lit Stage Decor

Last but not least is this floral decoration in a marriage hall. Everything appears romantic when you dull the lights and ignite a few candles. No, we are not speaking of a getaway couple's candlelight dinner, but we indeed are speaking of your wedding celebration decor. If you are a candle lover but also want the floral theme, then you’ll fall in love with this floral decoration in marriage immediately. The gorgeousness of white flowers with white drapes, and a shelf background with candles all over is ethereal for your magical wedding.