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Small Anniversary Party Ideas 

Small Anniversary Party Ideas 

Having an anniversary party is an incredible way to commemorate a couple’s time that they've spent together in their marriage even if it's a neat one. Not only does the couple look back at their memories of marriage. Planning a small anniversary party may seem difficult but we are here to give you some great small anniversary party ideas 

1) Set A Date And Time 

Another idea in small anniversary party ideas is fixing a convenient date and time for the celebration. The best date to choose is your date of anniversary and since it is a small anniversary party, keep it for shorter durationn ,like a dinner, just enough that everyone has a wonderful time and isn't a hassle for anyone. 

2) Choose A Location 

The second in small anniversary party ideas is deciding a location and since you’re hosting a small anniversary party, you can easily hold it at your own house or some close relative's house. Another thing you can opt for as venue among these small anniversary party ideas is renting out a personal room at some cozy and familial restaurant.

3) Choose An Anniversary Party Theme 

Next up in small anniversary party ideas is anniversary party themes. Themes of the anniversary party can be used to remind the couple of their cherished marriage life. Even in a small party, themes are an eccentric touch. You can construct a theme around the couple’s wedding symbol For example, the symbol and color for 2nd (cotton) anniversary can be linens and pastel colors. Here's a lost of anniversary symbols for your small anniversary party ideas 

Wedding Anniversary Symbols: 

  • 1st ― Paper 
  • 2nd ― Cotton 
  • 3rd ― Leather 
  • 4th ― Fruit/Flowers 
  • 5th ― Wood 
  • 6th ― Candy/Iron 
  • 7th ― Wool, Copper 
  • 8th ― Bronze, Pottery 
  • 9th ― Pottery, Willow 
  • 10th ―Tin, Aluminum 
  • 11th ― Steel 
  • 12th ― Silk, Linen 
  • 13th ― Lace 
  • 14th ― Ivory
  • 15th ― Crystal 
  • 20th ― China 
  • 25th ― Silver 
  • 30th ― Pearl 
  • 35th ― Coral 
  • 40th ― Ruby 
  • 45th ― Sapphire 
  • 50th ― Gold 
  • 55th ― Emerald 
  • 60th ― Diamond 
  • 75th ― Diamond 

4) Guest list and invitations 

Since we are planning a small anniversary party, you don't need to add too many people to your guest list, just a few close friends and family would suffice. When you are done organizing the guest list for your small anniversary party it is time to send out the invitations. This is not a grand event but one that is close to your heart so create a digital invite that's laid back and imaginative. your small anniversary party invitations will be a prelude for the guests, so include every detail that is important for them to know. 

Information to your invitation can contain: 

  • Host(s) 
  • Names of the Couple 
  • The year of anniversary
  • Date 
  • Time 
  • Location 
  • Theme 

5) Food And Drinks 

Food and drinks are one of the most important things listed under small anniversary party ideas so when it comes to the food and the drinks you need to keep in mind what your guests would like since it would not be a large crowd and what would complement your occasion of anniversary the most. You may also want to try cooking yourself and/or have a buffet set up. 

6) Small Anniversary Party ideas for decoration 

Decorations are quite a tough task when it comes to small anniversary party ideas. The decor of an anniversary party can be based on the theme of the party, along with some emotional and intimate elements that accentuate the couple’s marriage. Here are some ideas for your small anniversary party decor. 

  • Photos of the couple 
  • Candles 
  • Balloons 
  • Custom “Love” balloons
  • Centerpieces 
  • Hanging paper lanterns 
  • Photo timeline of the couple 

7) Choose Entertainment 

Even though it is a small party, it should include some entertaining elements. Small anniversary party ideas regarding entertainment can include some music setup for you and your guests to dance to and also some tributes, toasts and speeches from the loved ones and from the couple too so that family and friends can also share their feelings and memories about the anniversary couple.