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Top 10 Destination Wedding Places In India

Top 10 Destination Wedding Places In India

Planning destination wedding and Princess bride is looking for the perfect location to tie the knot. Getting wedded at exotic destination is an unforgettable experience for lifetime. Before decide location decide the season for your wedding.  There are a number of beautiful destination wedding zones to cast from , such as luxurious resort ,elegant mountain, dramatic Beaches, historical heritage, magnificent Forts.

You will be able withdraw best idea by end of this blog.We promise,

Top 10 Destination Wedding Places in India



Magnificent fort, glorious mansion and luxurious wedding celebration, looking for this ? You event must have reflection  of local folks and dances . This add a very rich and royal scenario to your Big day.



Let’s think of a beautiful beach ,shiny seashore ,historical churches with A breathtaking view of deep water. Welcome to Goa. Goa is a very dreamy for destination weddings .  Filled with so vibrant  scenario. You could have a huge variety of pictures for  your wedding as well as pre wedding shoot.




Do you love trees?  Okay this is the fastest emerging and popular for destination wedding in India Jim Corbett National Park. This green tree land will provide you a hustle free wedding in calmness.



The glorious white mansion in the middle of breathtaking lake and clear blue sky!  Sounds amazing!  Vibrant  decor with elegance in all ceremony. For a magical and mesmeric  experience on your big day Cast it without doubt.




Come on now! For a variety of pristine scenarios along with picture shoot,  you are welcomed here. Sun kissed beach and  eye catchy backwater’s you will find a number of astonishing resorts. This is also very popular location for destination wedding.



Each time desired for a fairytale destination wedding. Cast Andaman and nicobar Islands for your dream day . The crystal clear skies,  golden sands, breathtaking water and it’s magnificent view. best to host a destination wedding between September to  may.


Most holy river on earth auspicious  Ganges . Tie your pristine knot behind bank of river Ganga. It would be so fascinating.  Rishikesh attracts  lot of couples as trend of destination wedding is on rise.





Dreamed of lavish wedding venue, on a majestic Fort , which offers vibrant colorful location to tie your knot  in magnificent way. Welcome to Gujarat! It’s rich culture and heritage for a royal wedding this state is always favorite




Does it need any special introduction ? What is more dreamy than getting wedded at city of love. A  graceful  historic views.  Couple pick  Agra as wedding destination to enjoy a royal wedding.