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Top Wedding Make-up Trends Ideas

Top Wedding Make-up Trends Ideas

Make-up Trends That You can’t Miss in 2021-22 

Finally, the year 2021 is going to end with some bittersweet memories. 

As we all know about last year’s pandemic, but the good thing about 2020 is, that salons and parlours were closed everywhere. Most of us used our time to experiment with our beauty routines, we were our own hairstylist, dermatologist, colourist etc overnight. 
But the upcoming year will be full of several latest wedding make-up trends for us. Here I compiled a few latest and upcoming make-up trends that you don’t want to miss in 2022.

Bold eyes 

While masks become a vital accessory. It is only your eyes that will do all the talking. Bold eyes are the latest trend that is sure to amp up your ensemble. You can experiment with different types of colours with different eyeshadow looks. 

Subtle make-up

Subtle make-up application is quite trending for the last few months. It will continue the same in 2022 as well. And it is also one of the latest trending make-up in India.

Customized Cosmetics

When it comes to the latest make-up trends in India, personalization is leading the pack. Many brands are focusing on creating skincare and make-up products according to your skin type. Everything nowadays is leading us closer to bespoke make-up.

Nostalgia make-up

Without any doubt, the ’80s are back in style! 80’s make-up trends have made a comeback. Several make-up trends like metallic or frosty eyeshadow have lots of colour, glossy lips and dewy skin. This 2021 trend of make-up will be followed up to 2022 without any doubt.


Lightweight base

All trending make-up looks will always come under on common trend in make-up, a fresh and lightweight base. Those days are gone when applying a thick layer of concealer and foundation used to be trending. With lots of blush and light layer of contour and highlighter seals this look. This latest make-up trend is all about embracing your skin and putting on a sheer and dewy base make-up look.