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Unique Wedding Themes ideas Step by Step

Unique Wedding Themes ideas Step by Step

Choosing a unique wedding theme is as important as deciding the color scheme for the wedding or the flavor of your wedding cake. A unique wedding theme will add a personal touch to the most memorable day of your life and a party with unique wedding themes is one that you as well as your guests will cherish endlessly. So here we are with 5 unique wedding themes to make your wedding an unforgettable one 

Unique Wedding Themes: 

1. Fairytale

Who doesn't wish to be in a fairytale? have a unique wedding theme of a fairytale wedding and mesmerize your guests. It is a wedding that contains facets that will make your guests believe as if they are princes and princesses from far off lands of an enchanted world. 

  • Bring the guests to the venue in horse-drawn wagons or carriages. 
  • Wear a shimmering ball gown that has been embroidered with gems, a tiara, and shoes inspired by glass slippers. 
  • Play orchestra music by hiring a live band or even a DJ. 
  • Put up fairy lights and candles hanging down from the trees as your decors.
  • Put in glorious flower arches to define gorgeous focal aspects for your unique wedding theme

2. Superhero

Superhero theme is a unique wedding theme that is manageable to customize and has an attraction to both youngsters and adults. 

  • Decide a color assortment that’s prompted by your absolutely favorite superhero’s costume — you can also add masks or capes or other headgears to your wedding attire
  • Create bouquets and adornments out of the pages of superhero comics.
  • You can also give out a superhero character to each of your guests through your invitations 
  • Make the groom and his groomsmen dressed in superhero-themed socks, ties or cufflinks.
  • Customize your wedding cake to cater to your unique wedding theme.
  • Design your wedding rings to conform to infinity stones from The Avengers. 

3. The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a unique wedding theme that is all about refinement, elegance, magnificence, and intricate classy elements.

  • Lend your wedding decor some artistic flair with lots of pearl, gold, metal, and ebony props. 
  • Hire a band or a dj that plays English classics and jazz music. 
  • Make use of ivory cutlery and have a magnificent champagne fountain.
  • Plan unique and signature cocktails for your guests with some games to go along with.
  • Plan your wedding entrance in a classic vintage car. 
  • Book a villa or a palace venue that is as beautiful as the mansion of Great Gatsby.

4. Social media 

Next in our list of unique wedding themes is something we all are addicted to. don't fret, you need not be an Instagram influencer to have a social media theme for your wedding. 

  • Develop personalized and ingenious wedding hashtags and implore your guests to use that while posting their photos of your wedding. 
  • It is a digital age. Stream your wedding ceremony live on Instagram or Facebook.
  • You can also generate custom Snapchat filters for your pre-wedding ceremonies and the wedding day. 
  • Make a wall for your wedding that displays live hashtags, wedding updates. 

5. Halloween 

Last in the list of unique wedding themes is a Halloween theme for your wedding. Make it as spooky as you want or make it an autumn-themed for your unique wedding theme, it is totally your choice. 


  • Use blood red and black or alternate black and rich purple color scheme for a spooky and bold vibe. 
  • Borrow the creepiness of natural and simple materials such as ghost-carved pumpkins, cobwebs, and artificial baits. 
  • Add a bit of sophisticated taste with succulent green plants and dangling wildflowers, roses or even lilacs.
  • Add dangling candles or black paper lanterns to the decor. 
  • For your wedding attire go with a black wedding gown and an all-black tuxedo for a gothic touch. 
  • Have a dramatic couple entry by hiring a magician and appear in style with smoke and confetti.