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Digital LED Video Wall

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Digital LED Video Wall

3D Video Mapping & Digital LED Video Wall Services In Delhi NCR

3D Video Mapping & Digital LED Video Wall

Led Digital Video Wall for Weddings are one of the latest attractions that are seen in the weddings at contemporary times. This is the huge LED screen which is built by a combination of several small ones. This big screen is fully capable of becoming a center of attraction on the whole event and it oozes the magic factor to the top level.

We provide this service to make your wedding event attractive to several notches higher. This service is really alluring. You can stream your live recordings and the people could see the beautiful dresses and the entries of guests on these screens. The LED screens are specially designed for High-Quality display and this is one of the reasons more and more people are incorporating it in their weddings. One can also show the pre-wedding shoots and other ‘old memory videos’ to the guests on this screen. There are dance performances on DJs and other important rituals that unfold in the wedding. Due to the heavy crowd, the guests are not able to see these important happenings.

With the advent of Digital LED Video Walls and its service in weddings, each and every guest can see the events happening at the venue without even getting up from the seats. It becomes very uncomfortable for guests to otherwise stand among the crowd of family members and see the event unfold.

Another important factor is that the communication becomes easy with the presence of these screens. You can introduce the family members with their names and pictures flashing on screens. This way it becomes really easy for guests to know the who's who of the wedding family members. We have the easy installation at really affordable prices. Our technical staff is always present to see that the things are unfolding properly on these ‘big screens’.